Night Lights

Discover a range of comforting LED night lights here at Kiddy Moo. Available in a range of attractive designs and colours, they’re ideal for adding a soothing ambience to your child’s room to make them feel secure and at ease before bed. Check out the Lumi Ducky by Pabobo and look forward to a great night’s sleep all round.

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Pabobo Lumilove Pink Glowing Companion

Pabobo Lumilove Pink Glowing Companion£27.20

Lumi Ducky by Pabobo

Lumi Ducky by Pabobo£7.99

Pabobo Lumilove Savanoo Hippo

Pabobo Lumilove Savanoo Hippo£27.50

Pabobo Lumilove Savanoo Monkey

Pabobo Lumilove Savanoo Monkey£27.50



Aloka SleepyLight Bear Night Light

Aloka SleepyLight Bear Night LightDiscontinued

Aloka SleepyLight Fairy Night Light

Aloka SleepyLight Fairy Night LightDiscontinued

Aloka SleepyLight Penguin Night light

Aloka SleepyLight Penguin Night lightDiscontinued

Aloka SleepyLight Puppy Night Light

Aloka SleepyLight Puppy Night LightDiscontinued

Aloka SleepyLight Robot Night Light

Aloka SleepyLight Robot Night LightDiscontinued

Aloka SleepyLight Rocket Night Light

Aloka SleepyLight Rocket Night LightDiscontinued

Page 1 of 1:    12 Items
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