Night Lights

Discover a range of comforting LED night lights here at Kiddy Moo. Available in a range of attractive designs and colours, they’re ideal for adding a soothing ambience to your child’s room to make them feel secure and at ease before bed. Check out the Lumi Ducky by Pabobo and look forward to a great night’s sleep all round.

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Pabobo Lumilove Pink Glowing Companion

Pabobo Lumilove Pink Glowing Companion£27.20

Lumi Ducky by Pabobo

Lumi Ducky by Pabobo£7.99

Pabobo Lumilove Savanoo Hippo

Pabobo Lumilove Savanoo Hippo£27.50

Pabobo Lumilove Savanoo Monkey

Pabobo Lumilove Savanoo Monkey£27.50



Aloka SleepyLight Bear Night Light

Aloka SleepyLight Bear Night Light£29.95

Aloka SleepyLight Fairy Night Light

Aloka SleepyLight Fairy Night Light£29.95

Aloka SleepyLight Penguin Night light

Aloka SleepyLight Penguin Night light£29.95

Aloka SleepyLight Puppy Night Light

Aloka SleepyLight Puppy Night Light£29.95

Aloka SleepyLight Robot Night Light

Aloka SleepyLight Robot Night Light£29.95

Aloka SleepyLight Rocket Night Light

Aloka SleepyLight Rocket Night Light£29.95

Page 1 of 1:    12 Items
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