Lily and the Wall

Lily and the Wall is a Swedish company that is dedicated to designing exclusive wallpapers for children´s rooms. The production takes place in Borås, a city known for its long tradition of creative and high-quality textile manufacturing.

Lily and the Wall Logo Lily and the Wall Logo

The wallpaper is hand-drawn, digital painted and accompanied by a captivating storybook about Lily and her friends on their spectacular adventures around the world. These playful, instructive, and creative stories spark the vibrant power of children´s imagination. Behind these illustrations are a dedicated team of interior designers and artists who are passionate about creating beautiful, and truly children´s living spaces.

The different illustrations on the wallpapers depict recognisable places around the world. Each tells a story about Lily and her friends on their remarkable adventures as they follow the stars around the world in a hot air balloon. Lily and her friends all have magical gifts in the form of various super powers. Only they can break a secret enchantment from evil forces from another world to save humanity that are unaware of the threats that exist to our beautiful planet. In each location they learn new things and make new friends. The stories and designs are created for children and parents to enjoy together.

Great for sharing exciting tales at bedtime, or playtime when your children get together with friends.


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Page 1 of 1:    10 Items
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