Moulin Roty

The Moulin Roty brand is over 40 years old now and with many ups and downs along the way from the great fire which destroyed everything back in 1988. But today they create beautiful toys that children of all ages love to play with.

Each collection has a story to tell - Les Papoum is a collection of a elephant, hippo and lion soft toys, wooden toys and gift ideas. Mademoiselle et Rimbambelle is a wonderful collection that includes a singing owl, a little opera mouse and a gentleman otter which are all beautifully made. Les Cousins are the country life farm animals. Les Zazous is wonderful range of soft lovable toys that will make fantastic gifts as they come in presentation boxes. La Grande Famille are a nice collection of soft toys with beautiful cloths. 

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Moulin Roty  Piano

Moulin Roty Piano£55.90

Moulin Roty Little Wardrobe Suitcase

Moulin Roty Little Wardrobe Suitcase£47.50   £45.95

Moulin Roty Walking Trolley

Moulin Roty Walking Trolley£79.00

Moulin Roty Koala Back Pack

Moulin Roty Koala Back Pack£36.50

Moulin Roty Koala Slippers

Moulin Roty Koala Slippers£10.00

Moulin Roty Lion Back Pack

Moulin Roty Lion Back Pack£36.50

Moulin Roty Milk Tooth Mouse

Moulin Roty Milk Tooth Mouse£13.50

Moulin Roty Rocking Horse

Moulin Roty Rocking Horse£108.50

Moulin Roty Chalk Board

Moulin Roty Chalk Board£78.95

Moulin Roty Musical Cat

Moulin Roty Musical Cat£29.99

Moulin Roty Elephant Money Box

Moulin Roty Elephant Money Box£21.95

Moulin Roty Milk Tooth Mouse

Moulin Roty Milk Tooth Mouse£14.99

Moulin Roty Pink Wendy House

Moulin Roty Pink Wendy House£163.99

Moulin Roty Rocking Sheep

Moulin Roty Rocking Sheep£154.99

Moulin Roty  Orange Tractor

Moulin Roty Orange Tractor£115.00

Moulin Roty Pink Scooter

Moulin Roty Pink Scooter£139.99

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Page 1 of 2:    27 Items

Our collection from Moulin Roty includes Baby Shower Gifts, Traditional Wooden Toys, Soft Toys which are all beautifully made.

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