Pabobo's story - "It all started when Olivier became a daddy. He was amazed to learn that there wasn't really anything around to help his son Louis recognise surrounding dangers. So Olivier was joined by two friends Philippe a design and graphic arts enthusiast and Sébastien an expert in industrial safety. Together the three of them patiently developed a solution in Sébastien's garage that's how their first creation was born, "Bébé Prudence" (meaning "careful baby" in French), a game designed to teach safety to young ones. The game met with immediate success.

Pabobo kind of a funny name... Pah-bo-bow … wondering what it means? Bébé Prudence, Pabobo's very first creation, was simply designed to teach little ones how to grow up safely. So that they could discover the world without any boo boos!
Light with feeling while safety is no “nice” word but strict process and engineering expertise, safety is essential, childhood is filled with emotion. Understanding, gentleness, colour, simplicity… Each creations is above all designed for children. From clever concepts to hand-modelled products, an entire team of talented designers, model-makers, and illustrators makes the Pabobo offer unique products.

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